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The majority of traditional marketers create their yearly marketing campaigns by advertising on social media networks, television, and other outlets. They then design a number of print media packages and assign a budget. At the end of every year, the process is repeated where they may add an extra 10% to their new budgets in an attempt to increase the volume of their campaigns. However, the end result is always the same.

If you happen to be one of those marketers and perform your duties on behalf of an organization in order to help them bring their product to market, or if you happen to be the owner of said organization and are in need of a broader and more in depth understanding of the market, or if you are simply looking to delegate the boring and repetitive task of advertising then look no further.

International brands such as Apple, Starbucks®, Ikea®, and Toms® shoes don’t owe their success to advertising alone. But also investing resources in crafting products that target their market’s needs and shape their daily lives while sustaining their own growth.

Simply put, marketing is investing in creating products which people may not have known they needed in the first place. It is a continuous effort in one direction which ends in appreciation for products and realizes sustained growth; all the while creating change.

In our introductory brochure, we take a look the business world in the Gulf markets through the lens of local expertise. Likewise, we bring to market our creativity in developing organizations and offering marketing solutions which result in sustained growth.

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Tasaweeq Marketing Consultancy was founded in 2010 in Kuwait and was certified by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry as a legal entity and service provider of marketing activities. Our goal at Tasaweeq is to realize growth potential and cause change to organizations by adding real value to their products and services. Our specialized team consists of experts with wide ranging local expertise. We work with your organization hand in hand to ensure your products and services meet needs and exceed the expectations of the market.

How Do We Work

Our innovative process includes five main steps to ensure that your organization receives the best results:

  • Step One: We gain insight into your organization’s practices or conceptualize your organization’s new project. We do this because we realize that no two organizations or projects are the same.
  • Step Two: We gather vital information about your organization’s activities with the goal of assessing the current situation and uncovering any possible shortcomings. We then analyze both strong and weak points. Likewise, we assess the organization’s need for further development and transition to the next level.
  • Step Three: We specify the direction of workflow based on the information we gathered and analyzed. This may include fixing a shortcoming, solving a problem, launching a new project or idea, or expanding and realizing project growth. Every strategic recommendation is project specific.
  • Step Four: We present your organization with a project report. This may include a work report or strategic work plan prepared by our expert team. We then offer our services to oversee that it properly executed and goals are attained.
  • Step Five: We measure your key performance indicators with the goal of evaluating results and their effect on work activities.

Are You Looking For Information

Market research is the first hurdle in executing a market plan. Our expert marketing team works hand in hand with your organization to gather detailed information about your organization’s activities and products. We gather valuable details about the market including competing organizations and consumer interests. Information is gathered, analyzed, and presented in a comprehensive report along with our recommendations. This service assists your organization in making decisions when entering new markets or launching new products or services.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Our team will prepare a strategy hand in hand with your organization to specify an end goal. It is a comprehensive three-year strategic plan which focuses on highlighting your organization’s performance through a number of marketing aspects including: development, product offerings and services, pricing, quality control, and marketing identity. These marketing aspects play a vital role in realizing market share growth, brand positioning and consumer loyalty to your organization.

Take Advantage of Your Marketing Opportunites

We recognize and study marketing opportunities that are available to your organization so you can effectively introduce products and services to the market. The goal from this study is to develop your organization’s products after their initial launch. When the volume of your current product sales have plateaued, we then switch our focus on your organization’s growth

Know Your Marketing Challenges

After carefully studying your organization’s workflow process, our team specifies your marketing challenges. We diligently gather and analyze information which, in turn, highlights the areas which need improvement. After we highlight said problems, our team presents a report that contains appropriate solutions while limiting the chances of shortfalls occurring in the future.

Plan Your Products and Services

The team provides a one-year marketing plan service that focuses on either raising sales or solving problems or launching a new product for the customer. After the first stage, the client’s business status is evaluated and evaluated in several marketing aspects. Target group – identifying tools and marketing ideas) to achieve their objectives in addition to determining the estimated budget and schedule. The marketing plan is characterized by direct executive steps. Performance and return on investment indicators are measured through tools used by the staff when reviewing and analyzing data.

Surpassing Your Competition

Specify. Familiarize. Study. Surpass your competition. It is crucial for your organization to take certain steps in order to gain a leg up on the competition and present ideas and products that are innovative and expand your customer base. These steps include: identifying both your direct and indirect competitors, evaluating their products, services, and features, evaluating your organization’s current standing, and realizing your targeted goals. By identifying the competition, your organization can build a plan to compete and succeed. All of this is an essential part of marketing.

Who is Your Consumer?

Who consumes your products and/or services? Your targeted client base buys your product or uses your services; therefore their purchases offer valuable marketing insight by identifying important factors, such as: age group, sex, place of residence, and interests. All of this information helps in delivering your product or services in an effective manner by allocating resources, such as time and money, to the appropriate marketing tools.

Our marketing team helps your organization in identifying the appropriate target audience for your products and services. All of this is presented in a detailed report along with our recommendations for the best manner to reach said audience.

Pricing Strategy

A study is needed to identify the appropriate price for the products and services your organization offers. This study will take into account the current market value for said products and services as well as the perceived value your client receives. All of this is done through a systematic process by studying the cost of producing your product, highlighting its current market value, and identifying appropriate profit margins for each item or service. Additionally, we take into account your future competition. For established clients, we study current prices and evaluate them according to their market value and cost.

Tools Used for Competition

How do you compete? What marketing ideas and tools are appropriate for your product? Our marketing team identifies the appropriate marketing tools which contribute to reaching your target audience. These effective marketing tools reduce spending and contribute to your return on investment in marketing resources. Our method for identifying the appropriate tools is based on studying your target audience location and behaviour. Through this study your organization gains the best targeted results.

A Long-Term Relationship

We offer long-term consultancy contracts whereby our expert team supervises your organization’s marketing activities and offers consultations and direction contributing to your organization’s overall performance and improvement. We offer marketing solutions and ideas according to what suits your organization’s current situation thus allowing providing a greater market footing with less expense.

The goal of offering our services is to assist your organization with the appropriate execution of marketing activities. We do this by coordinating and following up with:

  • Media and advertising outlets both visual and print
  • Design of printed material and advertising
  • Printers and production of your advertising material

Branding Strategy

Our expert team works to develop and establish a visual marketing identity that is appropriate to your organization. We do so after we diligently gather and analyze the inner workings of your organization. We proudly offer the following innovative services:

  • Register your organization’s name
  • Design your organization’s logo and brand visuals
  • Create content for your organization’s marketing identity
  • Issue press releases about your organization
  • Define your marketing communication
  • Photography and video services
  • Advertisement and print media design
  • Website design

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